Supported projects

Here you will find a selection of international productions that have benefited from the rebate since its introduction in 2010. Each of these productions qualified by passing the test for European cultural and production criteria. Find out how your production can earn a cash rebate of 20% of local spend here >

Year Project Rebate
2015 Underworld: Blood Wars, USA; directed by Anna Foerster; shooting in CZ: October – December 2015 CZK 126m
Athropoid, UK/Czech Republic/France; directed by Sean Ellis Apted; shooting in CZ: July – September 2015 CZK 24m
Crossing Lines, season 3 (TV series), Germany; shooting in CZ: February – June 2015 CZK 64m
2014 Unlocked, USA; directed by Michael Apted; shooting in CZ: November – December 2014 CZK 30m
Tordenskiold, Denmark/Sweden; directed by Henrik Ruben Genz; shooting in CZ: October – November 2014 CZK 11m
Somewhere Only We Know, China; directed by Xu Jinglei; shooting in CZ: June – August 2014 CZK 8m
2013 Child 44, USA; directed by Daniel Espinosa; shooting in CZ: July – August 2013 CZK 103m
Musketeers, season 1 (TV series), UK; shooting in CZ: March – August 2013 CZK 50m
1864 (TV series), Denmark; directed by Ole Bornedal; shooting in CZ: April – July 2013 CZK 42m
2012 Serena, USA; directed by Susanne Bier; shooting in CZ; February – May 2012 CZK 37m
Snowpiercer, south Korea/USA/France; directed by Joon-ho Bong; shooting in CZ: April – July 2012 CZK 59m
Crossing Lines, season 1 (TV series); France/Germany/USA; shooting in CZ: November 2012 CZK 27m
Last Knights, USA; directed by Kazuaki Kiriya; shooting in CZ: November 2012 CZK 15m
2011 En Kongelig Affære, Denmark/Sweden; directed by Nikolaj Arcel; shooting in CZ: Spring 2011 CZK 12m
Missing (TV series), USA; shooting in CZ: 2011 CZK 66m
2010 Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, USA/UAE; directed by Brad Bird; shooting in CZ: October 2010 CZK 40m
Rockstar, India, directed by Imtiaz Ali; shooting in CZ: Summer 2010 CZK 6m
Borgia (TV series, season I), Germany/France; shooting in CZ: 2010  CZK 28m