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We are the Czech Film Commission, filmmakers’ first contact with the Czech Republic. We’re here to introduce you to our country and those great locations, facilities and crews you keep hearing about. Please contact us. We speak Filmmaking.

Pavlína Žipková

Pavlína Žipková

+420 603 554 044

Pavlina has been the head of the Czech Film Commission since February 2018.
Before joining the commission in 2016, she worked as a line producer and production manager. Her credits include the documentary feature Who Will Write Our History directed by Roberta Grossman and exec. produced by Nancy Spielberg; the 2008 film Blessed is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh, shortlisted for an Academy Award; Pamela Mason Wagner’s documentary Joan of Arc; and Eli Roth’s horror film Hostel.
Pavlina consults incoming producers in all questions concerning filming in the Czech Republic and you will see her regularly at international film markets in which the commission is involved. In 2018, she became a vice-president of the board of directors of the EUFCN.
Pavlina speaks English and Czech.

Ludmila Claussová

Ludmila Claussová

+420 728 132 026

Ludmila has led the Czech Film Commission since its establishment in 2004 until January 2018 and helped negotiate the introduction of the Czech production incentives in 2010.
She was a founding member of the European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN) in 2007 and a member of its board until 2011.
Ludmila serves as liaison between the industry and local authorities, consults incoming producers in all questions concerning filming in the Czech Republic, and communicates with domestic and international press.
Ludmila speaks English, German, Italian and Czech.

Adriana Belešová

Adriana Belešová

+420 608 342 211

Adriana joined the Czech Film Commission in May 2018 after finishing her film studies at Palacky University in Olomouc where she also got her first experiences with audiovisual and festival production. Working as the programmer at the Academia Film Olomouc festival provided her with the opportunity to meet foreign producers and directors, as well as to orient herself in the Czech audiovisual sector.
At the Czech Film Commission, Adriana is a supporting team member and coordinator of location tours, which is our means of introducing filmmakers to new and as-yet-undiscovered locations in various regions of the Czech Republic.
Adriana speaks English, French, Slovak and Czech.