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Czech National Symphony Orchestra


Regarded one of Czech´s great orchestras, The Czech National Symphony Orchestra is respected today also as one of busiest symphonic ensembles in Europe. It owns the largest recording studio on the continent offering the unparallel quality combination of the perfect space, state-of-the-art recording equipment and technologies and SOURCE CONNECT.


Weilova 2/1144
102 00 Praha 10
Czech Republic
+420 267 215 576


Jan Hasenöhrl
(general manager)
Ron Margaretten


THE HATEFUL EIGHT (music by Ennio Morricone, USA, 2015)

TŘI BRATŘI / THREE BROTHERS (music by Michal Novinski, Jaroslav Uhlíř, Czech Rep., 2014)

THE BEST OFFER (music by Ennio Morricone, Italy, 2013)

PASSION (music by Pino Donaggio, Germany, France, 2012

STIFFS (music by Guliano Taviani, USA, 2010)

THE ACCIDENTAL HUSBAND (music by Andrea Guerra, USA, 2008)

BATHORY (music by Simon Boswell, Czech Rep., Slovakia, 2008)

CARAVAGGIO (music by Luis Bacalov, Italy, 2007)

HOTEL MEINA (music by Luis Bacalo, Italy, 2007)

THE ILLUSIONIST (music by Phillip Glass, USA, 2006)

KAROL (music by Enio Morricone, Italy, 2006)

MATHILDE (music by Giuseppe Napoli, Denmark, 2004)

OPEN RANGE (music by Michael Kamen, USA, 2003)