18. June 2012

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The Dolní Kounice castle is one of the oldest in the Czech lands. Perched on a promontory overlooking the wooded slopes of the Jihlava River valley, Dolní Kounice offers filmmakers an abundance of fresh location opportunities. The ancient town and castle of Dolní Kounice lie in Southern Moravia, in an area famous for its many historic sites as well as its beautiful nature, fruit orchards and vineyards. The castle was originally built to defend the nearby Rosa coeli convent, founded in 1181. The convent now lies in romantic ruins. Among other interesting monuments nearby are the 18th century chapel of St. Anthony, a 17th century synagogue and Jewish cemetery, Renaissance and Baroque houses, and numerous roadside Marian columns. In the Jihlava River valley are several significant sites, including the town of Ivančice, the Paleolithic settlement of Dolní Věstonice, where archaeologists uncovered the 20,000-year-old Věstonice Venus figurine, and the Mušov Reservoir and hot springs. The area of Dolní Kounice has seldom appeared in film. Director Petr Švejda shot scenes for his fairytale About a Brave Blacksmith (1983) in the ruins of the Rosa coeli convent. Věra Chytilová filmed portions of her film The Inheritance or Fuckoffguysgoodday (1992) at a local brickyard. Filmmakers can rent the Dolní Kounice castle and its well-groomed grounds. The exteriors and interiors both offer considerable potential. The main palace is essentially an empty set, without decoration or furnishings. Filmmakers have access to two floors in the castle granaries, the house of the castellan, a ceremonial hall and the castle dungeon. Temporary adjustments to the interiors are possible. The castle offers a convenient space to work, with water, electricity and toilet facilities. Parking for cars and trailers is also available nearby. Dolní Kounice is approximately two hours’ journey by car from Prague or Vienna. Large crews can find accommodation 15 minutes away in Brno (population 800,000) or by special arrangement in a hotel in Dolní Kounice itself. Producers can make arrangements directly with the owner of the Dolní Kounice castle. Contact:
Frantisek Zoubek, tel. +420 545 546 555, mobile +420 602 736 953, e-mail: f.zoubek@seznam.cz, or Kamila Březinová, tel. +420 545 546 333, mobile +420 602 765 625, e-mail: kamis@seznam.cz. Or write to the Czech Film Commission.