3. April 2020

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Dear filmmakers, partners, friends,

Our former President Václav Havel once said: “Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense – regardless of how it turns out.”

I feel that his words are true today more than ever. Nothing is ever black and white; there is beauty in ugliness, joy in anger, happiness in misfortune. Without these natural balances, humanity could not survive in today’s world.

And because it also could not survive without hope, we’ve put together a little visual treat for all of you who had to leave Prague in the middle of filming, for those of you who were in the middle of preparations, but also for those of you who haven’t filmed here yet. We sent a photographer out into the streets of Prague to capture the beauty of our capital city in a way that hasn’t been seen for decades. Prior to this situation that we find ourselves in, such spontaneous, unstaged shots wouldn’t have been possible without shooting permits and a lot of planning and preparation.

While the Czech Republic is on lockdown, our staff continues to work – albeit from our homes – and is ready to assist you. The incentive program is still running without interruption, the Czech Film Fund continues to accept registrations for the incentive system, production incentives are being paid without delay. Don’t wait until the borders reopen to apply for registration. Take advantage of the opportunities that the online world offers – virtual village with live streaming, online scouting - you can start making the preparations for your film or series now!

The Czech Republic adapted quickly to the situation and adopted a series of strict rules. Compliance with these rules, along with a health system that’s second to none, give me the conviction that we will be one of the first countries that will soon re-open to foreign filmmakers.

Wishing you good health,

Pavlína Žipková

Covid-19 general information

The state of emergency declared on March 12 is now extended through May 17. The Czech Republic has adopted a set of strict rules. As the coronavirus situation improves, the quarantine regulations are being relaxed.

  • Exemption from wearing facemasks for all performers and artists, valid from May 1, 2020, under following conditions:
    • RT-PCR test for SARS:CoV-2 with negative result not older than 4 days before commencing the filming
    • follow-up tests must be carried out at least every 14 days throughout the filming,
    • the 2-metres distancing rule may be waived between performing artists,
    • the location where the work is being performed or the audiovisual work is being filmed or program is being held must be regularly disinfected, and if it is a closed space, it must be regularly ventilated,
    • hand sanitizer must be provided for all artists and their co-workers,
    • in the event that any of the artists or their co-workers have a temperature of 37 °C or higher or other symptoms of COVID-19, they will be prohibited from entering the location where the work is being performed or audiovisual work is being created or program is being held. 
  • People may be outside only by themselves or in groups of two (EDIT - groups of 10 starting April 24; with the exception of families and those on work duties).
  • Cultural, sport and other events are allowed for up to 100 people as of May 11.
  • A two-meter-distance should be maintained between people.
  • Only those aged 65+ can shop between 8 am and 10 am.
  • The country’s borders are closed subject to limited exemptions (EDIT - borders are partially opened from April 27, detailed crossing rules are in place).
  • Covid-19 self-regulatory guidelines for filmmaking

For more information please visit the webpage of the U.S. embassy in the Czech Republic, where all the Covid-19 relevant information is updated daily and includes links to the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Health.