21. January 2015

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Shooting of the movie The Christmas King – In Full Armor (Julekongen – Full rustning) started in the Czech Republic on 12 February. The fantasy film is based on the eponymous successful TV series popular all across Scandinavia. The story of a family that has to save ruined Christmas is directed by Thale Petersen. The Czech co-producer of the movie is Film Kolektiv and Barrandov Studios. The filming will take place in January and February at Czech castles Kost and Křivoklát, in Český ráj and at the Barrandov Studios. The Christmas King is not the first fantasy film that Norwegian filmmakers decided to make in the Czech Republic. Two years ago Journey To The Christmas Star (Reisen til julestjernen) was shot at another castle, Pernštejn. „The Norwegian filmmakers chose the Czech Republic for a simple reason – it is ideal for filming a fairy tale in a medieval setting. This project, which would be difficult to realize in Norway, can be made easily and for less money here - thanks to a wide selection of castles, suitable scenery and rich experience of Czech filmmakers with epic period movies,“ says Pavel Berčík from Film Kolektiv. The film will premiere in November 2015.