15. May 2017

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The Czech Film Commission attends the 70th Cannes International Film Festival and Marché du Film from May 18 until 23. Producers and other film professionals attending the festival can meet Czech Film Commission representatives and learn more about the Czech Republic’s locations, film infrastructure and incentives for filmmakers. Also in Cannes, representatives of the Czech Film Center will be on hand to introduce sales agents, exhibitors and festival programmers to the latest Czech films. Some of the Czech Republic’s leading filmmakers will also be stopping by pavilion to discuss their work and upcoming projects. Filmmakers in Cannes can meet representatives of the Czech Film Commission and the Czech Film Center at the Czech-Slovak Pavilion (No.133) in the Village International. Pavlína Žipková pavlina@filmcommission.cz T +420 603 554 044 (in Cannes May 18-23) Ludmila Claussová ludmila@filmcommission.cz T +420 728 132 026 (in Cannes May 19-22)