21. October 2009

The Czech government has approved a 20% tax rebate for productions shooting in the country. Films seeking to access the scheme must have 75% of their budget secured from other sources and must pass a broad test for Czech and/or European culture, as required by the European Commission. “We’re very excited and gratified that the government has demonstrated its support for the film industry in the Czech Republic,” Ludmila Claussova, a spokeswoman for the Czech Film Commission, told ScreenDaily. “It tells producers here and abroad that we are serious about earning their business.” Productions looking to apply for the rebate must apply through their local partner, who will be charged with paying out expenses. Invoices for local goods and services must also be sent by a tax payer registered in the country. The rebate, which does not require the approval of the Czech parliament or president, will be implemented in January if it gets the go-ahead from European Commission. The state government is expected to approve a budget for the scheme in early December, which will then be submitted for the president’s signature. Matthew Stillman from Stillking Films, the Prague-based producer and service provider, said: “It’s taken us a long time to get the support of senior economists and the government, but now it’s a formal government measure. I’m very hopeful that it will be in place as of January 1 and will help put Prague back on the international production map.”