2. May 2022

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A strong feeling of solidarity with colleagues in crisis has resulted in several concrete initiatives offering targeted assistance within the Czech film industry.

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The online platform CreativeShelter.eu collects job offers and job requests in the creative industries for refugees. Its purpose is to help refugees find employment in the fields in which they have been educated and gained experience so that they can get back on their feet, support their families, and contribute to society by creating value in areas close to their hearts.

Dozens of Czech companies have shared their contacts and made requests for creative and other professionals, from animators, photographers, designers, and programmers to translators, project managers, and technical support.

CreativeShelter.eu has extended its assistance from the Czech Republic to other countries: Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, and Italy.

Companies offering employment post their contacts here. And people looking for work in countries where they have found temporary refuge can contact them directly.

Interested parties can also share their job offers and job requests or communicate with each other via the platform's Facebook page #CreativeShelter - Creative industry jobs for refugees UA.

Association of Audiovisual Producers

The independent professional association coordinates material assistance to Ukrainian filmmakers. The Czech Association of Audiovisual Producers is in contact with filmmakers documenting the situation in Ukraine and their colleagues in Poland. They are helping facilitate shipments of necessary equipment, from cameras, drones, and external hard drives to protective gear such as helmets, goggles, bulletproof vests, etc.

The Association of Audiovisual Producers has sent part of the aid contributed by its members directly to its Ukrainian colleagues in affected areas, and has worked with the coordination team of the Polish Film Academy, which is very active in helping Ukrainian filmmakers, to transport the rest.  


The Film Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague announced a scholarship program for Ukrainian students, which is filled quickly. Applicants can still apply for a regular study program or a temporary study stay.

The school has also set up a collection to help Ukrainian students at FAMU through a transparent bank account. It helps students with obtaining financial support and communicating with Czech authorities.

FAMU provides information on its website on the procedure for arriving from Ukraine and useful links to free medical, psychological, and material assistance.