21. May 2013

Alternativní text obrázku
The Czech Republic is becoming an even friendlier place for filmmakers, according to Helena Frankova, CEO of the country’s State Film Fund. At a session Monday at the Cannes Festival, Frankova said her fund has a new high of 30 million euros, and she’s hopeful that figure will increase after next year’s elections. The Film Fund is an easier process now, reporting to the ministers of finance and trade. The ministers were shown the U.K. incentive plan as an example and they immediately got the economic benefits of all the spending in the region that results from filming. Out of 200 members of Parliament, 186 voted in favor of it. Previously, the Film Fund reported to the minister of culture, meaning there were changes every two years. Now, it will be easier for the Fund to create long-range plans, which will also benefit the filmmakers. Petr Tichy, CEO of Barrandov Studios, said Czechs are looking for minority co-productions and will help creatives in selling rights. He also pointed out that TV is becoming an increasingly important factor in Czech work, thanks to BBC shows and such series as Borgia and MissingHe touted the new facilities at the venerable studio, including everything from costumes and props to dubbing services.