14. January 2014

Director of the State Cinematography Fund Helena Bezděk Fraňková announced that 500 million CZK (18 224 000 EUR) of film incentive funds will be available for 2014. The amount, which was announced on 13 January 2014, is subject to the approval of the state budget. The registration period for the film projects applying for the 2014 tax incentive runs 13 January through 3 February 2014. The new applications for registration will be evaluated by the special Fund committee on 5 February 2014. Successful applicants complying with the conditions of the programme, the Cultural Test, will receive a certificate of registration and will be able to continue to the second stage of the application process, in which the amount of allocation for individual projects is determined on basis of the financial information provided by an applicant. Those 2013 registered projects, which received an allocation lower than they were entitled to or whose application was refused due to the lack of funds, will be able to apply for the additional support from the 2014 budget and will have priority in allocation before new applicants. Film incentives in the Czech Republic, which were previously managed by the Ministry of Culture, are now administered by the State Cinematography Fund, pursuant to the new Film Law valid since 1 January 2013. A  20% rebate on qualifying Czech spend and 10% on qualifying international spend  is available to feature, TV, animation and documentary films with a runtime of at least 70 minute and to TV episodes with a runtime of at least 40 minutes per episode. There is no cap on the amount of grant per project, but eligible spend may not exceed 80% of a project's total budget. The incentive is paid as a cash grant at the end of production in the Czech Republic upon submission of audited statements of costs incurred. More information (in Czech only) is available at www.fondkinematografie.cz.