10. August 2006

Alternativní text obrázku
Hostel Part II will pick up exactly where the last one left off, and will follow three American girls who are studying for a semester in Italy. Sony will be making the film a major release all around the globe next spring. Quentin Tarantino is back as executive producer. Again there will be hired 95% Czech crew. „I'm thrilled to be back in the Czech Republic“, said Eli Roth. "I had the best time of my life filming in Prague, working with the incredible crews and amazing Czech actors. Hostel was an unbelievable success in around the globe and introduced many great Czech actors to movie fans in every country. It was a true pleasure to see actors like Jan Vlasak and Barbara Nedeljakova on television all over America and to see them receive such superb reviews from the major newspapers and magazines. I have been telling all the directors I know in America that they should find any excuse they can to shoot in Prague, because the crews here are simply the best in the world. I know that Hostel upset some people because of the way the film portrayed Slovakia, but rest assured that the viewers around the planet understood that it was just a movie, and that the film was a reflection of American stereotypes and fears, and not a documentary. We are returning to many of our locations from before, such as Cesky Krumlov and Doksany, and visiting many new locations like Karlovy Vary. I'm also looking forward to casting here and finding many new faces." International Production Company is co-producing the film in Prague.