ALI 21, s.r.o.

Security Agency ALI 21
Our top priority is putting together successful teams that offer professional services for each of our clients. We build on our values, which are called SALT: reliability, honesty, loyalty. We will work with everyone who shares our common values. Our goal is a joint success, satisfied clients, and partners. A system that wins for both sides. We are doing what we love and what fulfills us.

Alois Neuman


Olšanská 54/3
Prague 3 130 00
Czech Republic


DOOM - 2005 - Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Studia Barrandov, Komořany
LAST HOLIDAY - 2005 - Queen Latifah, Gérard Depardieu, Grandhotel Pupp
REVELATIONS - 2005 - Bill Pullman, Zámek Doksany
LAST VISA - 2017 - Chinese TV series

Personal bodyguarding
Bratt Pitt and Angelina Jolie with kids
Mel Gibson

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