Andrew Horne

Andrew Horne is an American independent filmmaker based in Prague. Without formal schooling for filmmaking he had to work hard and experiment in order to learn to how to tell the stories that he wanted to tell. Focusing on writing he wrote his first short which was filmed in Rome just a few months later. The more he wrote the more he knew how he wanted it to look which prompted him to also co-direct. From there he has written and directed 2 more short films and written several scripts picking up some awards along the way including best director debut and best horror script among others.

Passionate about the film scene, he strives to work and tell stories, and work with others within the Czech film scene.


Prague 120 00


Cruel, Beautiful: writer, co-director 2021

She came from the corner: writer, director 2022

I just wanted a drink: writer, director, producer 2023