Association of Animated Film-Makers (APD)

Our studio combines creativity, technical and technological facilities for the realization of animation and postproduction. Therefore films can be thought up in the studio, their realization possibilities consulted, as well as produced and finalised. Every animation has different content, visual style, and technology. Our flexible structure and extensive technical facilities enable us to devise and process various animation technologies.

The very beginnings of the studio date back to 1990 when a group of professionals from Krátkého film (Short film), decided to shoot and produce their own puppet animation films. Since that time the studio has experienced generational, personnel, and technological development. We have been filming at our current address since 1995.

Our work is wide-ranging, not only in terms of genres, but also technological procedures. In terms of genre, we are very interested in author films and projects, where the author can express themselves in a unique and individual way. We are also very proud of our commercial work that often require exploring new technologies and processes (see ”animation technologies“). The technologies used are puppet and plasticine animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, puppeteering and special projects.


Na Doubkové 8
Praha 5 150 00
Czech Republic

Team members


Ivan Vít