Cineart TV Prague

After its founding in 1992, CINEART has successfully concentrated on producing commercial spots and music videoclips (directed by top Czech directors Jan Sverak and Filip Renc and awarded as the best spots of the year).

CINEART started to produce feature films in 1998 and has produced 7 films so far including internationally aclaimed WILD BEES (Divoke vcely) awarded in Rotterdam 2002 by VPRO Tiger Award and awarded in 8 international festivals.

CINEART is one of the leading production companies on the Czech market concentrating on the production of feature films theatrically distributed. Its aim is to develop and produce 5 feature films within next 3 years.

CINEART is one of the market leaders. The producer and company´s owner Viktor Schwarcz is well-known and respected for his support of directors shooting their feature film debutes.


Jankovcova 1587/8d
Praha 7 170 00
Czech Republic


HADÍ PLYN / SNAKE GAS (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, 2019)

DOBRÝ SKUTOK (Slovakia, Czech Republic, 2018)

PRAŽSKÉ ORGIE / PRAGUE ORGY (Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Slovakia, 2018)

ŽÁBY BEZ JAZYKA / COOK, FUCK, ILL (Czech Republic, Slovakia, France 2018)

IDENTITA ES / IDENTITY ES (Czech Republic, Canada, Slovakia)

ROZKOŠ / DELIGHT (dir. Jitka Rudolfová / Czech Republic, 2013)

KŘÍDLA VÁNOC / WINGS OF CHRISTMAS (dir. Karin Babinská / Czech Republic, 2013)

MŮJ PES KILLER / MY DOG KILLER (dir. Mira Fornay, Slovakia / Czech Republic, 2013)

POUPATA / FLOWER BUDS (dir. Zdeněk Jiráský / Czech Republic 2011)

HLAVA-RUCE-SRDCE / HEAD-HANDS-HEART (dir. David Jařab / Czech Republic, 2010)

ZEMSKÝ RÁJ TO NAPOHLED / AN EARTHY PARADISE FOR THE EYES (dir. Irena Pavlásková / Czech Republic, 2009)

LIŠTIČKY / LITTLE FOXES (dir. Mira Fornay,  / Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovakia, 2009)

STÍNU NEUTEČEŠ / NO ESCAPE FROM THE SHADOW (dir. Lenka Kny / Czech Republic, 2009)

ZEMSKÝ RÁJ TO NAPOHLED / AN EARTHY FOR THE EYES (dir. Irena Pavlásková / Czech Republic, 2009)

PUSINKY / DOLLS (dir. Karin Babinská / Czech Republic, 2007)

INDIÁN A SESTŘIČKA / INDIAN AND THE NURSE (dir. Dan Wlodarczyk / Czech Republic, 2006)

VATERLAND – LOVECkÝ DENÍK (dir. David Jarab / Czech Republic, 2004)

VYHNÁNÍ Z RÁJE / EXPELLED FROM PARADISE (dir. Věra Chytilová / Czech Republic, 2001)

DIVOKÉ VČELY / WILD BEES (dir. Bohdan Sláma / Czech Republic, 2001)

REPORT ON PILGRIMAGE OF STUDENTS PETR AND JACOB (dir. Drahomíra Vihanová / Czech Republic, France, Slovakia, 2000)

PASTI, PASTI, PASTIČKY / TRAPS (dir. Věra Chytilová / Czech Republic, 1998)

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