Dům rytířských ctností (House of Knightly Virtues)

Since 2005 we have been working on projects related to HEMA and stage combat in all forms. We create fight choreographies, teach actors and extras, coordinate actions in front of the camera. We have 7 years of experience in combat game-design and preparation and motion capture filming. For all activities we have our own equipment, armory, our own gym and facilities in a beautiful 19th century castle, close to the D1 motorway in Brno.

Possibility of direct recommendation:
Warhorse Studios, MAYA PRODUCTION, CT Déčko and others...


Hermannova 65/3, 3
Brno 62500
Czech Republic


Četnické humoresky first series complete

AAA game Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Maria Theresa co-production Austria-France-Czech Republic

And more...

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