Etamp Film Production

ETAMP, a Czech film production company, was founded in 1991. ETAMP specializes in the production of both screen and television features, as well as the television series, mostly for the international marketplace. It is experienced in the area of international co-productions and services, and in the production of commercials and video-clips.

ETAMP is an independent production company composed of young and talented filmmakers. It has at its disposal personnel from all branches of the film industry, with a great choice of actors for leading, supporting and bit parts, as well as extras. ETAMP can also provide its customers with film sets, set designs, props, and costumes from all historical periods, as well as soundstages, or it can find attractive locations in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

ETAMP was a founder-member of the Producer´s Association, joining other film companies in the Czech Republic. After the Czech Republic´s entry to the European fund Eurimages, it was the first of the Czech producers who participated in this association. The General Manager of ETAMP is a member of the Czech Film and TV Academy.


Pod Hořavkou 313/1
Praha 9 - Koloděje 190 16
Czech Republic


TV serials and films:

VÍŤAZ – (TV series, dir. Jan Hřebejk, HBO Europe, 2021-22)

BEZ VĚDOMÍ / OBLIVIOUS (TV series, dir. Ivan Zachariáš, HBO Europe, 2018-19)

PUSTINA / WASTELAND (TV series, dir. Ivan Zachariáš a Alice Nellis, HBO Europe, 2016)

MILADA (feature film, dir. David Mrnka, Loaded Vision Entertainment, Czech Rep., 2015)

AŽ PO UŠI / WHEN SHALL WE KISS (TV series, dir. Jan Hřebejk, HBO Europe, 2013 - 2014)

HOŘÍCÍ KEŘ / BURNING BUSH (TV miniseries, dir. Agnieszka Holland, HBO Europe, 2012)

NEBE Č. 7 / HEAVEN NO. 7 (pilot, dir. Petr Slavík, FTV Prima, Czech Rep., 2009)

OŠKLIVKA KATKA / UGLY KATKA (TV series, dir. P.Slavík, J.Chlumský, P.Nikolaev, FTV Prima, Czech Rep., 2008)

VELMI KŘEHKÉ VZTAHY / VERY TENDER RELATIONS (TV series, dir. Vladimír Drha, FTV Prima, Czech Rep., 2007)

RODINNÁ POUTA III / FAMILY FETTERS (TV series, dir. Vladimír Drha, FTV Prima, Czech Rep, 2006)

MAIGRET et l´etoile du Nord (dir. Charles Nemes, DUNE Paris, France, 2005)

MAIGRET et 7 petites croix (dir.Jerome Boivin, DUNE Paris France, 2004)

MAIGRET –  demoiselle de compagnie (dir. Franck Apprederis, DUNE Paris, France, 2004)

MAIGRET en meuble" (dir. Laurent Heinemann, DUNE Paris, France, 2004)

MAIGRET - Monsieur Lundi (dir. Claudio Tonetti, DUNE Paris, France, 2003)

MAIGRET et l´ombre chinoise (dir. Charles Nemes, DUNE Paris, France, 2003)

L´Ami d´enfance de MAIGRET (dir. Laurent Heynemann, DUNE, Paris, France, 2002)

Un echec de MAIGRET (dir. Jacques Fansten, DUNE Paris, France, 2002)

MAIGRET á l´école (dir. Yves de Chalonge, DUNE Paris, France, 2001)

MAIGRET - La maison de Felicie (dir. Christian de Chalonge, DUNE Paris, France, 2001)

MAIGRET - La fenetre ouverte (dir. Pierre Granier Deferre, DUNE Paris, France, 2000)

FESTIVAL OF GERMAN LANGUAGE THEATERS 1999 (Foundation of Festival, 2000)

15 ´ UNDERGROUND (dir. Bart Van Dem Bempt, ROSES ARE BLUE, Belgium, 2000)

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