Filmka Stunt Team

The roots of Filmka Stunt Team in the Czech Republic originated in 1962. A group of stuntmen has been formed and led by Jaroslav Tomsa during the shooting of Czech classic cult movie Limonádový Joe. Ladislav Lahoda joined the stunt group in 1970. The stunt group has been covered by Film Studio Barrandov till early 90´s. In this period Filmka Stunt Team has been founded. When Jaroslav Tomsa retired, Ladislav Lahoda has taken the lead of the team. In 2013 Robert Lahoda joined the lead of Filmka Stunt Team.

Filmka Stunt Team has more than 100 regular members. They participate in shooting in the Czech Republic as well as in the countries across the world. The team includes highly experienced stunt coordinators, stuntmen, stunt & precision drivers, fencers, martial art specialists, scuba divers, horseback riders, trained horses (inc. stables at Barrandov Studios), stunt rigging team and wide scale of technical equipment. In short, Filmka Stunt Team can cover any water, land or air stunt actions. From the scuba diving in the deep of the sea up to the aircraft cockpit in the sky.


Nad Šárkou 606/1
Praha 6 160 00
Czech Republic

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