We are a specialized company offering complex services while providing locations for film shooting, still photography, and other events in the Czech Republic. Having a long-time experience with many projects, our team will find the optimal solution for your project from finding a suitable location up to the realization.

We administer a unique, expanding database of locations as an essential tool for finding the perfect place for a specific project. The database is also an ideal space for a presentation of places and objects available for various events.


V Občanském domově 1511/2
Praha 4 – Nusle 140 00
Česká republika


FREUD (dir. Marvin Kren, Austria, Germany, 2019)

THE PAINTED BIRD / NABARVENÉ PTÁČE (dir. Václav Marhoul, Slovakia, Ukraina, 2018)

LORE - Season 2 (dir. Christoph Schrewe, Alice Troughton, USA, 2018)

and many more:

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