Fog’n’Desire Films

Fog’n’Desire Films production company was founded in 2006 in Prague by filmmakers Viktor Tauš (Czech Republic) and Michal Kollár (Slovakia) both established commercial directors.

The company is known for high quality films often with strong social and/or artistically daring stories that strive to diminish the ever opening gap between commercial and arthouse cinema in the European context. Their films were screened at more than 80 film festivals including almost every major festival around the globe. Fog’n’Desire Films received 14 Czech Academy Award nominations in 2014 which made them the most nominated independent company in the Czech Republic of the year.

The company is almost exclusively European co-production oriented. The goal is to actively develop and co-produce a steady stream of commercially viable and critically acclaimed projects that are instantly suitable for no less than three EU country coproductions.

For the first two years of it’s existence the company proved to be financially vital. Notably because of the creative output of it’s principals.


Senovážné nám.10
Praha 1 110 00
Czech Republic


Feature films:

THE RED SPIDER (dir. Marcin Kozsalka, Poland, Czech Rep., 2015)

HOME CARE (dir. Slávek Horák, Czech Rep., 2015)

CLOWNWISE (dir. Viktor Tauš, Czech Rep, Luxembourg, Finland, Slovakia, 2014)

HONEYMOON (dir. Jan Hřebejk, Czech Rep., Slovakia, 2013)

THE HOUSE (dir. Zuzana Liova, Czech Rep., Slovakia, 2009 - 2010)

THE GREAT THAW (dir. Viktor Tauš, Czech Rep., 2008)

THE CATFISH SUMMER (dir. Michal Krajnak, Slovakia, Czech Rep., 2007)

Team members