Golden Dawn

Production company Golden Dawn Ltd. was founded in 1998 and from the beginning has produced more than a tenth of individual documentaries and at least a hundred and fifty turnkey programmes. Feature-length film Girlie/Děvčátko, produced by Golden Dawn and debut film of director Benjamin Tuček, won numerous awards at international festivals. Another feature-length project of the company was a successful comedy by Martin Dolenský called Catch the Doctor/Chyťte doktora, produced in cooperation with Czech Television.


V Štíhlách 1255
Praha 4 14200
Czech Republic


feature films:

CHYŤTE DOKTORA / CATCH THE DOCTOR (dir., Martin Dolenský, Czech Rep., 2007)

DĚVČÁTKO / GIRLIE (dir. Benjamin Tuček, Czech Rep., 2002)


NON PARENT / NERODIČ (dir. Jana Počtová, Czech Rep., 2017)

SUGAR BLUES / CUKR BLOG (dir. Andrea Culková, Czech Rep., 2014)

THE VERY FIRST COWBOY (dir. Adéla Kroupová, Czech Rep., 2009) 

DON´T DISTURB, GOVERNING! / VLÁDNEME, NERUŠIT!  (dir. Tomáš Kudrna, Czech Rep., 2008)

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