HERAFILM SCIENCE MEDIA specializes on the production of programmes popularizing science and technology for television and other media. It also focuses on mediating and promoting communication between scientists and general public.

HERAFILM SCIENCE MEDIA helps research teams in various branches of science and research to present solutions of grant projects and inform the general public on results of their further activities.

HERAFILM has been established on the Czech media market since 1992. The company has produced hundreds of TV programmes in several top-rated series since then for Czech Tv.


Hněvkovská 27
Praha 4 148 00
Czech Republic


LOVCI ZÁHAD / MYSTERY HUNTERS (science programme for kids by Czech national TV, 2013 - 2014)

PORT (science programme - www.ctport.cz , Czech TV,  2007 -2010)

DIAGNOZA / DIAGNOSIS (documentary film - www.diagnozy.cz, Czech TV, Czech Rep., 2001 - 2010)

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