Horses for film - Koně pro film

Are you shooting a film? Do you have a prince without a horse? Actors without riding experience? A princess without a carriage? Action scenes without stuntmen? We are here ready to help you!

We specialise in training horses and riders for films and performing animal shows. Our core values are professionalism, responsibility and individual approach to each project. With many years of experience, we are offering the following services: experienced stuntmen services, saddle and harness horse training, special training of horses and other animals (camels, donkeys), horse riding and coachman training for actors, counsellingand film shooting supervision, show choreography, business events and teambulding.


Sokolská 29
Praha 2 120 00
Czech Republic


We have many years of experience, including big international productions, many film projects (Crown Princ – Czech fairytale, Visitors III. – starring Jean Reno, Christmas King, Jan Hus – three part documentary about famous Czech reformer, Emperor – a movie about Charles V., starring Adrien Brody, The Chronicles of Narnia: Princ Caspian, etc.)

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