Jakub Šimůnek

Jakub Šimůnek grew up in a filmmaker's family. After a successful graduation at the school for photography he accepted a post in the ÄVUT studio where he worked as a cameraman and later he directed instruction films for universities. At this time he met a painter Miroslav Cisler and together they worked on the concept of an art theatre, where construction of the picture is determined by figures - girls' hands, their movements and screened color.

The girls, their fascinating lines and their hands charmed both artists so they started to work together on a project of art schools AVU and FAMU called „Rukameron“ and opened an exhibition of their pictures and photographs in the National Technical Museum in Prague.

At Prague FAMU, where Jakub Šimůnek studied camera classes, his cooperation with other artists started: director Jiří Vejdělek, Aurel Klimt, Theodora Remundová, Jan Bubenáček, Marián Polák and others. In December 2002 he graduated with his color etude „Rukameron“.

As a cameraman he concentrates mainly on features film work, commercials, documentaries and advertisements. His specialty is underwater shooting. In photography he presents himself in portraits, documentary and artistic photography.


Nám. J. z Lobkovic 2308/14
Praha 3 130 00
Czech Republic