Karel Seidl

Graduate of the Higher Professional Film School in Zlín (my major was „Image and Sound in television, broadcast and film production“).


  • (still at school) cooperation on a series of documentaries about traditions in Moravian regions in several professions (as a D.O.P, director, in post-production)

  • (still at school) camera operator at studio discussion program (sequential camera chain), grip in a commercial project „U Plotu“, commissioned by Oskar

  • 2nd unit reporter at commercial tv program ordered for a local television

  • 2004 magazine loader for a film shooting on 16 mm

  • 2004-2007 employed at Post Produkce Praha, a post-production company in Prague, as a color grading/Telecine operator, working with daVinci color grading system and Shadow Telecine. Doing dailies of films & commercials, grading a few student films and three big-production ones

  • 2010-2012 cooperated with a local language school to create two interactive DVDs for English learning, part of it being shooting 200+ short mini-scenes with adults and children. Participated in preparation (breaking the scene, making storyboard, groundwork, rehearsing with actors, directing, shooting, editing & visual post-production, sound post-production, ADR, etc.)

  • 2012-2018 working on few short films – Varjag, PRAY, Nejlepší kamarádky as a storyboard artist, advisor, contributing to the script

  • 2014 - camera assistant on a feature-length film directed by Jan Svěrák

  • 2014 - editor and 2nd cameraman in a documentary (in progress)

  • 2014 - working in a film industry in front of the camera, acting in dozens of projects, either as extra or actor in several students or independent films (cooperating with FAMU, Prague Film School, and other schools)

  • 2015 - gigs (concert, wedding, conference, …)

  • 2018 - AD for an independent project

  • 2019 - club promo video (from sketch to shooting), cooperating with local Prague-based professionals

  • 2020 - a private project/short scene in a green-screen studio

Other qualifications:

  • photographer (portraits, landscape, products, macro, …) - https://www.flickr.com/photos/karel-seidl/

  • graduate of the Higher Professional School of Computer Systems in Jihlava (2001), proficient in the area of computer systems, programming (html, css, javascript, php, asp, databases, data analysis, etc.).

  • languages: Czech (mother tongue, Slovak as a passive secondary language), fluent English, intermediate Spanish & German, basics in Russian


Bří Rybářů 653
Kladno 272 04
Czech Republic