Major K International

Major K International has been devoted to creative projects, the production of entertaining shows programmes and their distribution via film or television since 1998. The company sees its primary task in meeting audience demands for the kind of quality entertainment expected from the audiovisual medium.

The company’s activities are focused on three basic areas:

  • production (The greatest emphasis is placed on three fundamental principles: quality, originality and entertainment value.)

  • realisation

  • communications (The company was approached by representatives of SPI International with a proposal for setting up a film distribution office in the Czech Republic (Chocolat, K-PAX, Traffic, Winged Migration, Frida, The Hours, Pinocchio...). Today, MKI boasts an experienced, dynamic team that provides complex marketing and media services ranging from the production and implementation of comprehensive communications campaigns to the monitoring and evaluation of such campaigns.)


Národní 28
Praha 1 110 00
Czech Republic


feature films:

VY NÁM TAKY ŠÉFE (dir. Martin Kotík, Czech Rep., 2008)

VŠECHNO NEJLEPŠÍ (dir. Martin Kotík, Czech Rep., 2006)

PÁNSKÁ JÍZDA (dir. Martin Kotík, Czech Rep., 2004)

Team members