Matej Stepan

Matěj is an up and coming film director, internationally awarded for his short films.
He directed election films for the presidential and prime minister election campaigns of Petr Pavel and Petr Fiala, helping to win both of the elections.
He is currently in the postproduction of his debut feature, an Abu Dhabi produced documentary.

Matej primarily develops film projects, but recently ventured into the world of advertising. As an in-house director and creative in an advertising agency, he gained extensive experience with the whole process, from the first tender to the final ad product. Thus in addition to the artistic aspect, he also understands the client's business needs.

Being obsessed with visual and dramatic precision, he won’t let go of a project until everything is just right. His storytelling talent sometimes also spills over into literary creation, and Matěj published two books – an experience that comes in handy when working with scripts.