PINK is a Prague-based production company, founded in 2009 by Alžběta Karásková and
Radovan Síbrt. Its main focus lies in producing documentary and fiction films as well as
photo and TV commercial campaigns. PINK also represents a number of creative
photographers and directors from the Czech Republic and abroad and participates in the
production of various audiovisual and non-profit projects.

The main goal of the PINK production company is to seek out new talent and to produce
creative documentaries and feature films.

In 2018, PINK took part in the Berlinale International Film Festival with two projects - When
the War Comes by director Jan Gebert (nominated for Glashütte Original – Documentary
Award) and Touch Me Not, a feature film by director Adina Pintilie, which won the Golden
Bear Grand Prix and the Best First Feature Award. In the same year, Jan Gebert received
with When the War Comes the main prize at Let’s Cee Film Festival in Vienna, the main award
at One World Slovakia festival, AFF Award for Best Documentary in the Central & Eastern
Europe Competition - Astra Film Festival, Best Anthropological Film award at Festival dei
Popoli, special Mention at Zagreb Dox Film Festival and Silver Eye Award for Best East &
Central European Documentary Film. It was also awarded with Czech Film Critics' Award for
Best Documentary.

In 2019, PINK finished feature feel-good documentary Two Roads (directed by Radovan
Síbrt) about The Tap Tap Band. The film received the Audience Award at Ji.hlava IDFF.
In 2014, Radovan Síbrt was selected as an Emerging Producer at Jihlava IDFF, in 2018 he
was Czech Producer on the Move in Cannes and in 2019 he attended the Berlinale Talents

PINK is the producer of short films Enkel and Das Wanderne Sterlein by Mark Ther, the
winner of Chalupecký Prize, as well as a documentary by Radovan Síbrt entitled On
Decency, nominated for Pavel Koutecký Prize. Last, but not least, it produced Ivo Bystřičan’s
documentary Byeway, the opening film of the Jihlava International Documentary Film
Festival in 2013. In 2017, PINK participated in the production of a feature documentary
Cinema, Mon Amour, in co-production with HBO Europe and the Romanian production
company Libra Films, premiered at Dok Leipzig 2016. A three-part world co-production
series 1968mm went into distribution by ARTE in spring 2018 and in the same year
documentary film Bruce Lee and the Outlaw (dir. Joost Vandebrug) was finished and
received multiple awards.

In August 2015 PINK finished the installation of a permanent audiovisual installation in
Žďár nad Sázavou castle; in December 2016, it opened a permanent multimedia exhibit in
the House at the Golden Ring, dedicated to the urban development of Prague during the
rule of Charles IV. In Spring 2017 it finished the Prague on Fire exhibit in the New Mill
Water Tower and in December the third stage of the exhibit at the House at the Golden
Ring. In 2018 PINK opened a Memory of Nations exhibit and the exhibit for The City of
Prague Museum with the aim of introducing The Tap Tap, the band with disabled members
( The Tap Tap in Museum ). In 2019, it was the exhibition presenting Sadeler's prospect in
motion ( Prague 1606 ) and audiovisual content for the second-largest multimedia exhibition
in the world (110 meters of continuous projection) - Moments of history for National

At present, PINK is developing/producing several projects. Among them are Don’t gaze long
into the abyss – directed by Mohammadreza Farzad, Barbora Chalupová's project dealing
with problems of information verification The End of the World, interactive web
documentary Forgotten War and Greta Stocklassa's new documentary about Hans Blix.
The company also participates in TV production - it produced 4th edition of the Czech version
of Masterchef show for major Czech public broadcaster - TV Nova.


Veverkova 765/23,
Praha 7 170 00
Czech Republic


TWO ROADS (documentary, Czech Republic, 2019)

TOUCH ME NOT (drama, Romania, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France, 2018)

WHEN THE WAR COMES (documentary, Czech Republic, Croatia, 2018)

CINEMA, MON AMOUR (documentary, Czech Republic, Romania, 2015)

BYEWAY (documentary, Czech Republic, 2014)

ON DECENCY (Czech Republic, 2012)

ENKEL (short film, Czech Republic, 2012)

DAS WANDERNDE STERLEIN (short film, Czech Republic, 2011)

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