Simona Krompholcová

Costume designer, Set designer / Scenographer for Film, Theatre and Television

Scenography DAMU Prague, Central Saint Martins, London, UK, MgA

Specialization: historic period, fantasy


Specialist  consultations - history researcher, annotation

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Genius of Mozart: UK/ BBC/ TV documentary film series, 2003 - BAFTA Award - historical costumes / Asiss. of UK costumes designer, cost. supervision

The Fish: USA/ PBS / TV short film, director Alfonso Cuaron, 2003 - Emmy Award  / Costumes designer

Little Foxes: CZ/ Ireland / TV film shooted on the location of Ireland, director Mira Fornay, 2009 / Costumes designer

2001  The chance of Millenium FAMU - short film, directed by Bořek Hořínek

1997  PARDAILAN  wardrobe - costumes

1996  PINOCCHIO  production

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Clemenza di Tito by William Shakespeare UK/  Central Saint Martinś / University of Arts London / 2006, set design, costume design

Central Saint Martinś (University of Arts London) the United Kingdom

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Central Saint Martinś (University of Arts London) the United Kingdom

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Alphonse Maria Mucha - Slav Epic- essay for Czech National Heritage Institute / 2019/ costumes design


Costume designer - MgA title, knowledge, technology, manufacturing of historical and modern costumes, leather and metal equipment, accessories, boots, bags...


Specialization artwork

design + handmade embroidery on textiles, artistic handmade painting on textile, glass, porcelain

design of jewel, gem, artistic handmade painting of set decoration, restoration