Our offer:
- in the gallery in we s you can view the basis of the cars that come into consideration. they are in very good condition, with two of the best engine variants that Mercedes has produced
- a shared Wi-Fi network and several types of drinks are available on board the vehicles, drinks of course "on ice"
- the cars are always completely cleaned, ready for the client
- we always ride in casual clothes
- the gentlemen in the photo in we s web, it s us. We have been dedicated to VIP transport for a long time
- We travel regularly for two American travel agencies
- none of us have ever been in a serious car accident
- In all the time that I have been working with the gentlemen and they have also been cooperating with me, it has never happened that we were unable to resolve a crisis situation in favor of the client
- of course we are additionally insured beyond the scope of compulsory liability
We know how to value work, we know how to offer excellent performance, we are very reliable.


U Sluncove 609/15
PRAHA 18600
Czech Republic