Twin Star Film

Twin Star Film is a film production company founded by the internationally renowned film director and producer Steve Lichtag, who has been working in the Czech Republic since 1991.

The company specialises in producing its own film projects as well as providing a full range of film production services in the Czech Republic, especially for major Chinese film and television production companies working in Europe.

For ALDABRA – ONCE UPON AN ISLAND and SHARK ODYSSEY, Twin Star Film – in conjunction with technological studios in the Czech Republic as well as with partners in Germany, Great Britain, Japan and the USA – developed a unique 3D technology for filming under water and in other extreme conditions.

Twin Star Film belongs to world leaders in providing 3D film services. As well as ownig unique hi-end 3D / 4-8K system, based on a platform incorporating ARRI and RED film cameras.

Last but not least: Twin Star Film has its own complete post-production chain.


Žitavského 572
Praha 5 156 00
Czech Republic


KEEP RUNNING (reality show, China; production services)

THE LAST VISA (TV series, China - Omnijoi Media Corporation; co-production)

Mr. MATERNITY MATRON (TV series, China; production services)

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