Viliam Poltikovič

Director of documentaries devoted to spiritual, philosophical, psychological, sociological, ethnographic, aesthetic issues and music.

He finished his studies at the Prague Film and Television Faculty (FAMU) in 1984 and since then he has been producing more than 150 documentaries both for cinema and TV. Up till now his films have been awarded at the Czech Republic and at international film festivals and have been praised by film critics. His films have been selected for festivals in Cannes, Moscow, Karlovy Vary, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Bratislava, Göttingen, Barcelona, Vienna, Belgrade, Prague and others.


Dobročovice 14
Úvaly 250 82
Czech Republic


2021 Šťastny ať jsou všechny bytosti - Happy be all beings

2020 The Story of Tantra

2020 Reflection of Darkness

2020 Storytelling of the Woodoo Spirits

2017 From Darkness of the Soul... Light

2015 Living off Energy We Are Energy, Dalai Lama in the footsteps of Buddha

2014 The Death as a Gateway (13 parts documentary series)

2012 The Earthship flows, The Teachers from The Stars, Fatum

2011 Maestra Ayahuasca (best Czech film in Etnofilm Slovakia)

2010 When the Stone Speaks (Student Award in Finale Plzen)

2009 The Romany King (Student Award in Etnofilm Slovakia)

2008 Crop Circles, Golem

2007 The Russian ancestry school

2006 Touching the Other Shore (Best Screenplay ECO Ohrid Macedonia 2007, Award of Český Krumlov City, Ekofilm 2007), Sumba: The Island of Spirits, Invisible Worlds

2004 The Circle to be Reborn Within (Grand Prix Ekofilm Český Krumlov 1994, diploma Tourfilm Karlovy Vary 1994, diploma Trilobit 1994, Grand Prix Ohrid Macedonia 2005, Ekotopfilm Bratislava 2005 – the price of Ministry of Social Affairs)

2001 A Drop from The Cup of Immortality (Grand Prix in festival Belgrade, award in Ústí nad Orlicí and in Čadca Slovakia, diploma of Unesco in Ohrid Macedonia)