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Background Films


Background Films is a company focused exclusively on exceptional author-driven films with co-production potential and the expectation of meeting international standards. It debuted with Tomasz Mielnik’s JOURNEY TO ROME (2015) in the world festivals. The 2016 Jihlava IFF opened with their feature documentary production HELENA’S LAW (Petra Nesvačilová) and screened Martin Ryšavý’s BLIND GULLIVER in competition. Among numerous other projects by young Czech directors, the company is currently in production of COMMUNISM, a film essay by the legendary Czech New Wave director, professor Karel Vachek.


Kubelíkova 22
130 00 Praha 3
Czech Republic
+420 777 910 290


Mikuláš Novotný
(CEO, producer)
m +420 777 910 290
Klára Žaloudková
(CEO, producer)
m +420 774 689 278


past productions:

BLIND GULLIVER (documentary, dir. Martiny Ryšavý, Czech Republic, 2016)

HELENA’S LAW (documentary, dir. Petra Nesvačilová, Czech Republic, 2016)

JOURNEY TO ROME (spiritual comedy, dir. Tomasz Mielnik, co-production Czech Republic, Poland, 2015)

RESORT (documentary, dir. Martin Hrubý, Czech Republic, 2015)

in post-production:

MITSU (short, dir. Mark Ther, Czech Republic)

THE NIGHT OF THE AGAMA (short, dir. Tomáš Janáček, Czech Republic)

DIVINE SPARKS (short, dir. Vít Poláček, co-production Czech Republic, Belgium)

THE FRONTIER (short, dir. Damián Vondrášek, Czech Republic)

in production:

KOMUNISMUS / COMMUNISM (fulllenght film essay, dir. Karel Vachek, co-production Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, 2018)

in development:

GREGORIUS, THE CHOSEN ONE (comedy, dir. Tomasz Mielnik)

SRŠEŇ V LAHVI / HORNET IN A BOTTLE (dir. Vit Zapletal, co-production Czech Republic, Poland, 2019)