5. May 2016

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Teplá Abbey is a Premonstratensian monastery located in the wilderness of western Bohemia, about twenty kilometers east of Mariánské Lázně. It was founded in 1193 by the Czech nobleman Hroznata on his estate. Czech and foreign filmmakers know well the monastery’s library from the early 20th century, which is the second largest in the country. This location was used in a few films and commercials. On the other hand, the baroque building of the convent and prelature, which has recently undergone extensive renovations, is still awaiting cinematic discovery.
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Beauty was returned to the monastery’s rooms, with splendid murals, stucco and gorgeous parquet floors. These include the Abbot’s spacious apartment, the Blue Hall and the refectory painted by Maurus Fuchs of Tirschenreuth in the early 19th century. Also available are public spaces like the kitchen and the Art Nouveau cells of the friars. The monastic hall is an inviting place thanks to its large windows facing into the main courtyard and warm colors. The monastery’s basement, especially its cellars, which formerly stored food, has a mysterious ambience. The most visually arresting room is the baroque Malthouse, which is covered with black asphalt paint.

Of additional interest is the monastery’s Baroque sewer system, which has the feeling of a stone maze. Similar areas were in every Baroque monastery. Teplá monastery’s sewer is spacious and unique in the large amount of linked access points. At their highest, the ceilings reach almost six meters. As the abbey’s rooms don’t have the original interiors, filmmakers can dress them according to their needs and expectations. There are a number of cells, which are equipped as study or work places and can serve as operating bases. The building is surrounded by a large English park with a pond. "In the Czech Republic, there isn’t a second monastery, which would be open to the public to such an extent. With its operational facilities, private religious spaces, decorative and public rooms, the monastery has great potential for filmmakers. Personally, I would love to see a fairy tale being filmed here,” said the manager of the Baroque wing Ing. Ivana Benčová.

Another major advantage of the Teplá Monastery is its location in the Karlovy Vary region. It is one of the smallest and least populated regions in the Czech Republic, but this small area offers visitors many unique natural and architectural sights. Film crews are received with friendliness and the area was awarded the title of “Film Friendly Region 2015,” announced annually by the Association of Audiovisual Producers, the Czech Film Commission and the agency Czech Tourism. Contact the Czech Film Commission or one of the many local location managers for more information about this and other locations.