7. September 2016

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The former city spa in Chomutov which was built in the 1980s today offers an intriguing and unique site, well equipped and adaptable also for filming. The premises feature thousands of square meters of floor space and vast, highly adaptable interiors. The fifty-meter swimming pool, two-story entrance hall, restaurant with a view of the pool, below-ground engine room replete with iron gratings, and various terraces overlooking the leafy city park and a former football stadium, all offer tremendous possibilities.
Image ml_milos_stafek03.jpg
Because the building is slated for a major reconstruction, it is currently possible to extensively adapt the space for film sets or other uses. Its raw interiors offer plenty of space also for larger productions. (The building is fully equipped with electricity.) The former city spa is owned by Chomutov, whose mayor, Daniel Černý, sees great possibilities to further develop the municipality’s support of creative arts and film industry. “We’re keen to cooperate with filmmakers, whether in the capacity of the town hall securing the necessary permits, or in helping arrange for accommodation and offering tips for other locations in the area,” the mayor of Chomutov explains. “The city spa is an immensely adaptable space, which even in its current state offers visually attractive scenes.” The spa building is a short walk from the historic Chomutov city center, and also situated on the edge of the central city park. There is a four-star hotel a mere fifty meters from the building, as well as a variety of other accommodation for visiting crews.

“Chomutov is far from just an industrial, socialistic-style town. At the foot of the wild and beautiful Krušné hory (Ore Mountains) and near Kamenc Lake, it’s also replete with historic architecture, while nearby are various striking factory complexes, coal mines and housing developments,” says Daniel Černý. “This location is so full of contrasts, I’m convinced it can be of great inspiration, and not only for filmmakers.” He adds that the city hall is preparing a catalogue of locations in and around Chomutov which should be available this autumn. Meanwhile, the city spa interiors have already featured in a BBC production and are a favorite of photographers. The building has hosted a wide variety of cultural events, including most recently, a theatre and dance performance within the Obnaženi (Exposure) festival.

Contact the Czech Film Commission or one of the many local location managers for more information about this and other locations.