11. April 2022

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There’s a treasure trove for film productions in the form of the Dox+ film studio with free capacity right in the center of Prague. The film studio has 1,217 m2 of space with all facilities, including parking, and its capable team can provide a range of additional services. Thanks to its exceptional architecture and synergy with the neighboring Dox art center, it can also serve as a unique film location.

Image dox_multifunkcni_sal_1_mala.jpg
Photo: Dox+

Multifunctional space

The core of Dox+ in Holesovice is a 360 m2 multifunctional space located on the ground floor of the building. The hall is 19 m long and 18.6 m wide with a ceiling height from 6.4 to 10 m, and has sound, light, and projection technology as well as hanging points. It is equipped with a standard socket circuit; the individual connections have their own circuit breakers of 63 A and 32 A.

The main entrance to the hall leads past the reception through a 115 m2 foyer. Three entrances open directly into the foyer from the courtyard, from where a car can drive directly into the multifunctional hall, which facilitates the loading of equipment.

Image dox_entrance_area.jpg
Photo: Dox+

Adjacent to the hall are additional backstage areas and three dressing rooms (designed as two dressing rooms for artists and one for guests).

On the first floor of Dox+ there is a 63 m2 workshop room, a bistro with a restaurant (185 m2), and a smaller foyer. On the roof is a spacious 360 m2 terrace covered with artificial grass overlooking the Gulliver Airship.

Image dox_terasa_evergreen_1.jpg
Photo: Dox+

There is a separate 152 m2 rehearsal building in the courtyard and the 667 m2 courtyard itself can serve as a parking area for up to 25 cars, while a truck can be driven into the courtyard of the adjacent Dox Contemporary Art Center, where necessary equipment can be unloaded.

Image dox_dvur_3.jpg
Photo: Dox+

Professional technical equipment

The capable Dox+ team can also offer a range of additional services. As needed, the studio can be equipped with additional equipment through verified suppliers, including professional cameras and camera accessories, such as tripods and monitors, or grip equipment (camera ride – track, crane, dolly).

Dox+ can also install a giant LED wall on request, which, unlike the green screen, allows you to change the graphics and environment in real time and can also serve as a green screen. The team here has experience with the installation of a 21.5 m x 4 m LED wall with a resolution of 5,504 x 1,024 px and internet connectivity of 100 Mbps.

If you are interested, they can also provide a film crew (director of photography, technical and artistic support, lighting, grip and camera technicians) and professional equipment operators with experience in online/live streaming.

The NoBox catering company is located directly in the building and can offer custom catering.

Film studio as well as an exceptional location

Thanks to its exceptional design and industrial architecture, for which it has been awarded by the Czech Chamber of Architects and nominated for the prestigious European Mies van der Rohe Prize, Dox+ can be used not only as a modern film studio, but also as a unique location that very few filmmakers have taken advantage of.

Image dox_dvur_1_mala.jpg
Photo: Dox+

Dox+ is part of Dox, the largest contemporary art institution in the Czech Republic, and sits immediately adjacent to it. Thanks to this, some of the spaces of the art center, which was created by converting a former factory, can also be used as a film location.

The Auditorium is a 430 m2 variable space located in the tower of the Dox Center. It is equipped with modern audiovisual technology and soundproof walls.

Image dox_prague_-_auditorium_6.jpg
Photo: Dox Centre for Contemporary Art

One floor below, there is a 100 m2 studio and an adjoining café with a 280 m2 terrace.

A special space is the large rooftop terrace (600 m2), dominated by the impressive wooden structure of the Gulliver Airship, which is partially parked directly above the heads of visitors to the terrace. It offers views of Dox and Holesovice.

The other spaces of the Dox Center include exhibition areas, the Art Archive, the bookstore, and the center's offices - with a few exceptions, these are not available for filming.

The multifunctional hall was used by the production of the Czech film Zboznovany (Adored) in 2020, and the art center was used in the Norwegian series Mamon (2014) and the second season of the Czech series Az po usi (Up to Your Ears, 2016).

Seize a rare opportunity to book a film studio in the center of Prague or come and explore a location that offers award-winning modern industrial architecture.

The city of Prague does not have its dedicated film office, therefore please contact the location directly:

Eva Poupe (info@doxplus.cz, +420 602 610 808)