13. June 2019

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Zlín lives and breathes film in all its phases and forms. At the moment, the atmosphere of the international film festival still lingers; the Zlin Film Office is the fresh bearer of the title “Film Friendly 2018”; and the City of Zlin Fund has opened another call for applications for supporting script development. Therefore we’d like to present a location in Zlín that might be the perfect fit for your script – the Educational Complex at the University of Tomáš Baťa.
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The premises serve primarily as the home of the Faculty of Humanities. The main lecture hall has a capacity of 250; three smaller lecture halls seat 98, 77, and 70, respectively. Other spaces include more than a dozen seminar rooms with either 30 or 18 seats, computer rooms, faculty offices, staff offices, and meeting rooms. In addition to humanities, there are also specially equipped rooms for teaching nursing and midwifery. Of special interest is the 470 m2 foyer.

“The building is conveniently located right in the center of the city. It faces the main street, from which one can enter the underground parking garage with a capacity of 87 vehicles. The rear of the building is surrounded by other university buildings which together create a small square with a minimum of traffic. Two other popular locations - Komenský Park and the Congress Center – are just a few minutes’ walk away. Not far from the complex is the headquarters of a company that offers film equipment and production services, so if any unexpected situations arise while shooting, they’ll definitely be easy to resolve,” says Magdaléna Hladká of the Zlín Film Office.

“If filmmakers are interested, we’d be delighted to work with them. We are of course somewhat limited by university operations, but with enough advance notice, almost anything is possible. We will certainly assist in any way we can. Location managers are welcome at any time to tour the facility. The building is just entering its second year of operations, so we can offer filmmakers something very modern that very few have yet seen,” says Mgr. Lubor Marek, Ph.D., dean of the University of Tomáš Baťa Faculty of Humanities. For more information about filming in the Zlín Region contact Magdaléna Hladká, Zlín Film Officemagdalena@zlin-film.cz, +420 778 515 500