20. September 2018

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Edited on March 3, 2024.

Note: Current condition after reconstruction: https://www.region-kromerizsko.cz/misto/163/884 

Featured location: Former maternity hospital showcases impressive interiors

The abandoned chateau in Přílepy in the Zlín Region was one of the most sought-after maternity hospitals in the region the second half of the 20th century, witnessing the birth of thousands of children. While plenty of relics and reminders of this joyful period remain hidden in the chateau, the abandoned spaces and dilapidated exterior have acquired a patina of sadness, sterility, and coldness over the years.

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“Our chateau, like the chateau at the Lešná Zoo, belonged to the Seilern family until nationalization in 1945. It was then converted into a maternity hospital by the town, and today the interior is empty. Despite that, it’s a beautiful building and I’d be very happy if a filmmaker expressed interest, came to Přílepy to take a look, and - ideally - shot a film here,” said town mayor Rudolf Solar with a smile. The chateau is located in the village of the same name, 18 kilometers from Kroměříž. The original 15th century fortress was converted into a chateau between 1852 and 1885, when it gained its current appearance. The two-storey building has a rectangular floor plan, a pseudo-Renaissance facade, and a two-storey corner tower. A freely accessible park surrounds the chateau, featuring many rare trees. The chateau and park are both listed monuments.

At present, the town is considering a proposal to convert the chateau into a multifunctional center, including moving the municipal offices – which would involve a complete renovation. “Unfortunately, we can’t say at this time exactly when this will take place. We’ve just begun working on plans for the project. But filmmakers needn’t worry – the renovations won’t happen any time soon. It’s a long haul,” says Solař.

Magdaléna Hladká of the Zlín Film Office also promises a smooth shoot: “The advantages of filming at Přílepy Chateau include the friendliness of the town council and quiet surroundings. Facilities include the chateau park and other filming sites, such as the forest chapel of Our Lady of Hostýn, situated on a hill on the outskirts of town. Přílepy itself is located at the foot of the Hostýn Mountains and there’s no shortage of forests in the area. Accommodation for crews is available in the village of Holešov, just 3 km away. Our office is of course ready and willing to help out with these and other tips,” says Hladká, and encourages filmmakers to visit the area.

For more information about filming in the Zlín Region, please contact Magdaléna Hladká at the Zlin Film Officemagdalena@zlin-film.cz, +420 778 515 500.