17. June 2021

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This extensive historic palace on the avenue surrounding the historic core of Brno combines elegant mid-19th century architecture with modern design and unique interior decoration. The palace, renovated in 2012 into a luxury hotel, is cared for by active management, which offers filmmakers the use of all seven floors with a total area of 12,600 m2.

Image mg_7795-1.jpg
Photo: Hotel Barceló Brno Palace

Atrium with a high glass ceiling

The interior is dominated by a beautiful atrium with a seating area and a bar and a glass ceiling at an impressive height of 23 m.  There are 119 modern fully-equipped rooms, a conference center with 6 rooms, 2 restaurants, and a relaxation area with a sauna, gym, and massages. 

The hotel is exceptional both in its concept of space, which confidently combines classical elegance with distinctive modern design, and in the high quality of the services provided, from room amenities and gastronomy to wellness and airport transfers.

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Photo: Hotel Barceló Brno Palace

Quickly accessible from international airports

The work of the Viennese architect Franz Frölich inspired by Renaissance palaces is easily accessible from the international airports in Brno and Vienna. In the city, its neighbors are equally splendid representative buildings that form an irregular ring on the avenue around the historical center, which was created as an analogue to Vienna's Ringstrasse.

Rooms with 5-meter-high ceilings ranging in size from 28 to 65 m2 are complemented by conference rooms with a total area of 284 m2 as well as two restaurants: the 100 m2 Palazzo and the slightly larger Stare Brno, measuring 167 m2.

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Photo: Hotel Barceló Brno Palace

Convenient facilities and helpful management

There are 10 parking spaces immediately adjacent to the hotel and another 20 in the Spalicek and Domini parking garages within 100 and 270-m distance of the hotel.

The hotel has, of course, the advantage that it provides all the technical facilities and high operational comfort in the form of electricity, catering, and crew accommodation right at the shooting location.

The management is open to filmmakers, and Markéta Janatová, Area Director of Sales & Marketing of the Barceló Group for the Czech Republic, confirms that she would very much like "to expand its use among filmmakers and become a film location.”

Last year, several scenes from the TV series Ochrance (Defender), directed by Tereza Kopacova, were filmed in the hotel's Palazzo restaurant  The attractive atrium space was used in 2003 by a Canadian-American production company for the filming of the biographical drama Hitler: The Rise of Evil, directed by Christian Duguay and starring Robert Carlyle.

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Photo: Hotel Barceló Brno Palace

The most prestigious address in Brno

The building, located on Silingrovo Square near Husova Street and important Brno landmarks, was commissioned in 1853 by the city, and the palace known as the City Court became its first apartment building. The facade above the main entrance is still decorated with the coat of arms of the Moravian metropolis. Ivana Kosulicova from the Brno Film Office notes that in the second half of the 19th century “it was the most prestigious address in Brno, thanks not only to its luxurious and comfortable apartments, but also due to its excellent location and pleasant surroundings.”  

During the 20th century, a more permanent use of the building was sought for, and it alternately served as the seat of the district court, a dental clinic, a police station, and the building authority office. It gradually fell into disrepair until the city sold it in 2006 to a private investor who undertook an extensive renovation, which resulted in the current appearance of the hotel.

The originally luxuriously furnished 12,600 m2 with helpful management and within reach of international airports is worth real shooting consideration. Check out the photo gallery – or just come see for yourself.

Contact for filming in the South Moravian Region:

Brno Film Office, Ivana Kosulicova, (kosulicova@ticbrno.cz, 420 773 771 556)