24. November 2022

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The Jeronym Mine offers filmmakers caves with dark green pools, long corridors, and large underground rooms. The medieval tin mine, preserved in its original form, features monumental rooms from the 16th century with interestingly colored walls that still bear traces of the hammers and pickaxes of the miners of that time.

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Photo: Sokolov Museum

Monumental rooms, caves with pools, mine shafts

The Jeronym Mine covers an area of approximately 300 x 150 m, with a drainage tunnel about 400 m long. There are rooms of various sizes - in one part of the mine, they are 10-20 m wide and up to 6 m high. In another part, they are 45 m long, 5-9 m wide, and 3-4 m high. The corridors are 1.5-2 m high.

The varied spaces include large partially flooded caves with pools of water, small rooms, preserved medieval and modern mine shafts, and steel-reinforced corridors in their original state. In the mine, there are seven pools of different sizes and one flooded room. One of the corridors conceals a vault where ammunition was stored during World War II.  

Lighting and electricity available

Part of the mine is equipped with lighting; electricity is available in the complex. There are 220 V electrical connections in the entrance building and 320 V connections 100 m from the entrance building.

Filming restrictions in terms of tonnage of equipment and time of year    

Filming here is only limited by the difficulty of transporting equipment down a 30-metre shaft into the mine. The mine is open for filming from April to mid-October.

Parking on-site, accommodation, and catering nearby

Two buses and eight cars can park directly at the entrance; parking for additional vehicles can be arranged on the grass if necessary. Unfortunately, no drinking water is available in the entrance building.

Accommodation and catering options are available in Krasno, 6 km away; Sokolov, 12 km away; and Becov nad Teplou, 14 km away. Karlovy Vary has many other accommodation and catering options and is 30 km away.

Interesting locations in the area

In Krasno, there is an observation tower inspired by the Tower of Babel. The Kladske Peat Bogs National Nature Reserve is located 12 km from the mine. In Becov, there is a Gothic castle, a Renaissance palace, and a Baroque chateau with the unique Reliquary of St. Maurus. In Sokolov, there is a classicist chateau with a charming courtyard. Many interesting and proven film locations can be found in nearby Loket, Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), and Marianske Lazne (Marienbad).

Mid-16th century tin mine

The Jeronym Mine remained in operation until the end of World War I. It has been preserved in its original form and is now a cultural monument. The 16th-century chambers are located in the central section.  

Mine management is ready for film crews

In 2018, Jan Novak filmed the fairy tale Ducat Rock here. Czech Television has filmed numerous TV shows here, including Magical Depths and Mysterious Underground World - Tin Mountains in 2017, Tom Wizard Mysteries - Lost in the Underground in 2014, and in 2009 Underground Bohemia - The Tin Slavkov Forest.

Contact for filming in the Karlovy Vary Region:

Karlovy Vary Region Film Office, Petr Židlický (zidlicky@zivykraj.cz, +420 736 650 129)