16. March 2021

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Thanks to its several architectural reconstructions Kurovice Castle is a unique location for filming periods from 14th to 18th centuries. Moreover with a film-friendly owner and an impressive scenery of a nearby old limestone quarry with an emerald lake, it is definitely worth further exploration.

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Kurovice Castle | Photo: Kurovice Castle archive

Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque

Kurovice Castle is located near the city of Kromeriz in the Zlin Region. The first mention of the castle, originally built in Gothic style, dates back to 1275. Over the next few centuries, it went through several architectural interventions and now features gothic, renaissance and baroque elements.

Martin Malina, the current owner, specifies: “The various architectural modifications to the castle over the centuries have been largely preserved, making it highly suited for shooting authentic environments from the 14th to 18th centuries. ”

Technical facilities

Martin Malina already has experience with filmmakers and offers practical information and help: “There are 380 (420)V and 220V electrical connections available. We have a wealth of experience from our own work as well as with major projects. We can provide production companies with many things, such as technical facilities, catering, and extras. In the film Like Summer Snow, we took advantage of our long-standing contacts with swordsmen so we could help out with some scenes with our own people and costumes.”

Shot on this location

Films that have benefited from the location so far include St. Sebastian’s Cry (2019) and the TV docudrama Like Summer Snow about the life of Jan Amos Komensky (2021). The castle also appeared in Fechtbuch: The Real Swordfighting Behind Kingdom Come (2019), in which the real historical fencing used in the successful Czech computer game Kingdom Come: Deliverance is explored.

Medieval hall and a 17th century foyer

Apart from the building itself, the original fortifications were partially preserved. Surrounding the castle is about 3,000 m2 of nearly level lawn area. Each floor has an area of approximately 450 m2. In the basement, there is a medieval hall with a beamed ceiling dating back to 1397. On the first above-ground floor, there is one of two black kitchens. And on the third above-ground floor, there is a large hall measuring 27 × 7 m and a mid-17th century foyer.

Martin Malina bought the castle in 2006. At present, the castle is not generally open to the public. But historical festivals take place here, the proceeds of which go towards protecting this precious monument.

If you are looking for an authentic and still unknown spot for your next historical film, you may have just found it.

Contact for filming in the Zlin Region:

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