7. August 2015

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Fortress Malešov rises majestically above the Vrchlice dam, just 80 km from Prague in the direction of Kutna Hora. In the more than seven centuries of its existence, the fortress survived most battles of the Bohemian Kingdom and also many years of neglect. In 2003, the new owner decided to repair the fortress and bring it closer to its appearance during the height of the Gothic period. With an unusual level of care and a sense for detail, a meticulous replica of the original late 15th century fortress has been brought to life that can match the authenticity of virtually any such historic building. In the 20th century, the fortress became dilapidated, and over time, the only building that was maintained served as a granary, until the 1980s. Reconstruction started with the new owner. The main aim was to return the fortress to its former glory while staying true to the peak Gothic style of the 15th century. The ground floor now has a replica of a period kitchen as well as a storage space with a working open fire, while the second floor is home to the warmest space in the fortress – the bedroom – insulated with log beam.

All equipment of the fortress has been made using period practices to the last detail, so as not to disrupt the overall concept of the reconstruction: from the rebuilding of the fortress walls and farm, to the stained glass windows replete with period fittings, the kitchen utensils and dishes and armor and weaponry adorning the walls. The most recent initiatives include the renovation of the adjacent Malešov brewery, which has been part of the fortress since the 16th century, and of the paved courtyards and ancient stones. Finally, it is important to highlight the great willingness of the owner and fortress management to assist on the film set. Thanks to their knowledge of the Gothic period, they are valueable consultants for any crew. “Fortress Malešov, which we’ve been reconstructing already for 13 years now, is in a way a great backdrop to the story we’ve created through our work. The whole project originated from our passion and desire for romanticism, and over time it became a true labour of love, even if the initial years of youthful delirium have passed. Still, the joy in remains and so we always welcome any activities connected to the reconstruction and use of the fortress, whether medieval festivals, Advent markets, theatrical performances, concerts or film productions. Everyone who wishes to come here and live out their story, and even perhaps to pass it on to others, is welcome,” says Ondřej Slačálek, the owner of the fortress.

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