12. June 2020

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Kunovice has a long tradition of aviation. Avia established an aircraft plant here in the mid-1930s, and aircraft were repaired here even during the Second World War. In the 1950s, the company built a new production hall, which has remained in continuous operation until today. Thanks to volunteers from the Slovácko Aeroclub Kunovice, you can also shoot in nearly three dozen unique planes from the local aviation museum.

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The Aviation Museum in Kunovice | Photo: Zdeněk Sluka

The Aviation Museum in Kunovice was founded in 1970 and even then, it was a volunteer organization. Originally the museum, which was inaccessible to the public, was located on the premises of LET Kunovice, where the exhibited aircraft were manufactured. The first complete aircraft on display was the Aero L-29 A Delfín Akrobat, today the only exhibited specimen of this aircraft in the world.

The museum has moved several times - a less-than-easy task due to the size of the exhibits – and the aircraft collection gradually expanded over the years. The largest aircraft, already a veteran of several film shoots, is the former government TU-154M aircraft. And not just any TU-154M – it's the one the Czech hockey team arrived in after winning the Nagano Olympics in 1998. The “Nagano Express” is the only one in the Czech Republic that is fully functional in terms of interior equipment and the cockpit. If you need to simulate a real flight in a film, the Aviation Museum in Kunovice is a clear choice.

The outdoor area of the museum covers 20,000 m2 and there is plenty of space between the exhibited aircraft. The exhibition hangar measures 12 x 16 x 7 m. There is ample parking at the museum for cars, buses, and trucks. Both 380 and 220V electrical connections are available.

Directly behind the museum is the Aeroclub, whose members include pilots and parachutists. Here you can use non-motorized and motorized aircraft, the fuel station, LPHM tanks, hangars, accommodation, sanitary facilities, and a restaurant. The Aeroclub also offers parachuting and an aircraft repair shop with a hangar.

The runway is connected to Kunovice Airport (LKKU), which has the status of an international airport according to the European Aviation Safety Agency, with both VFR (flights in good visibility) and IFR (flights using instruments in poor visibility) operations. The airport has a concrete runway measuring 2000 m in length and 30 m wide, as well as two parallel grass runways. The museum’s partners can provide airworthy aircraft, both contemporary and historical (since 1936), including helicopters. There is also an aviation training school with a simulator, and several aircraft manufacturers are nearby. Film crews can avail themselves of a complete array of professional aviation services.

The Aviation Museum is part of the Kunovice municipality with film benefits, one of a partner cities of the Zlín Film Office. This means interesting benefits for filmmakers, such as free use of the facilities for filming. “The Kunovice Aviation Museum is a real gem for filmmakers. The collection includes military, sports, and transport aircraft (including passenger versions) and other aircraft. The permanent exhibition features several unique aircraft and prototypes with an interesting history that you won’t find anywhere else but in Kunovice. In combination with the extremely accommodating owner and the facilities of the Kunovice municipality with film benefits, this location is undoubtedly a top location for every film project in which planes or a helicopter appear,” says Magdaléna Hladká of the Zlín Film Office.

According to the Aviation Museum director Martin Hrabec, they are very happy to accommodate film productions. “A variety of student, television and feature films have been shot in our museum in the past. We’ve worked with well-known Czech directors. We highly appreciate the professionalism of the crews, consideration for our exhibits, and the overall cooperation. The best times for filming are from November to April, but of course it’s not a problem to coordinate filming during the months that the museum is open (April-October).”

In addition to aircraft for filming, Kunovice can also provide space on the grounds of the museum and the Aeroclub for crew and extras, ground accessories such as handling platforms, ladders and special tools, airworthy aircraft and other period equipment and clothing, and lighting of aircraft interiors and exteriors. Flexible, experienced professional staff (technicians, assistants/custodians) are also available for consultation if you need assistance or advice on historical or contemporary aviation.

In 2019, the Aviation Museum in Kunovice proved its worth in two film projects. Scenes from the films The Last Aristocrat and Zátopek were filmed here. And now they’re waiting for you!

Contact for filming in the Zlín Region:

Magdaléna Hladká, magdalena@zlin-film.cz, +420 778 515 500