10. March 2017

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Vysočina: The name means “highlands”, and nearly every peak in this region full of mysterious beauty offers unique cinematic settings for filmmakers. The expansive views of the surroundings – picturesque and romantic, as if from a fairy-tale; yet also dramatic and stark – change not only with the seasons but with the time of day, ideal for a variety of film genres or stories. Hardly any region is as photogenic as Vysočina and offers as many opportunities for panoramic shots of Czech landscapes.
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"Vysočina is characterized by rugged landscape, high altitudes and low population density. Natural conditions here are such that the inhabitants are dispersed to hundreds of sites, which are linked to a dense network of roads. Characteristic of the region are small villages not too far from the city – peaceful little towns of up to ten thousand people," says Klára Čechová of the Vysočina Region Film Office . "One of the many advantages of Vysočina is its accessibility. The whole region intersects the D1 motorway, so from most sites Prague is only about an hour away," says Klára Čechová. The Moravian highlands, which form most of the region, reach an altitude of over eight hundred meters. According to Čechová, it is mainly the Žďár region which is famous for beautiful views directly overlooking landscapes full of colorful valleys, rounded hills and dense forests.

"The Žďár hills are known for rocky terrain reaching impressive heights. They rise above the surrounding trees and provide beautiful views into the distance, ideal for planning multiple shots. From the highest peak of the Žďár hills, on a clear day filmmakers can see as far as the Krkonoše mountains, "says Čechová. As if made especially for the film camera is the Mohelenská steppe nature reserve. From its outskirts are stunning views of the whole steppe and down into the valley where the Jihlava river makes its way. In the background, you can also see the Mohelenská reservoir and Dukovany nuclear power plant. "Filmmakers can find exquisite sights also in the Třebíč region, near Náměšť above the Oslava river, which meanders through a deep valley. Not lagging behind is the Posázaví area on the opposite side of the region, where medieval castles are found along the Sázava river," says Klára Čechová. Many other castles and ruins are scattered across the whole of Vysočina, and because most often they sit atop the highest peaks in the area, fabulous views of the countryside are guaranteed. Please contact the Czech Film Commission for more information about these and other locations.