12. March 2021

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Photo: Deadline © Richard Phibbs

This years Golden Globe winner for her role of Margaret Thatcher in the Crown series granted an exclusive interview to the Czech Film Commission. She shares her feelings coming back to the Czech Republic and her experience with the Czech film crew.

Gillian Anderson has been shooting the movie White Bird: A Wonder Story in the Czech Republic since 1st February. Lionsgate is using the services of the Czech production company Stillking Films on this movie.

The WWII drama about a Jewish girl who is hidden in a barn by her classmate Julien is based on a graphic novel by the successful author R. J. Palacio. The movie is directed by Marc Forster whose filmography includes the 21st Bond movie Quantum of Solace (2008) and World War Z (2013).

The National Film Commissioner Pavlina Zipkova has asked Gillian Anderson a few questions.

First of all, congratulations on your Golden Globe Award, that's fantastic.

Thank you so much.

The Czech Republic geographically being at the heart of Europe is now, I hope my fellow citizens will forgive me, also the heart of the pandemic. How does it feel to be working here right now?

I’d been wanting to come back to Prague for some time having only visited briefly once before.

When you first read the script, was there a second of hesitation given by the fact you would have to travel from home for the shoot, and stay there for quite a period of time?

I wasn’t hesitant because I know there is professional Covid protocol.

What is the Czech crew like?

The crew was fantastic, highly skilled, friendly, professional. I know too the costume department specifically were very impressed by what they were able to source here and the craftsmanship. 

Have you had a chance to explore Prague in your free time?

To be honest I would have seen more of the city if there wasn’t paparazzi outside the hotel everyday. But perhaps if I come again it will be anonymously and I’ll have more of a chance to walk around your beautiful city. 

Thank you for the interview and we wish you all the best.

Gillian Anderson left Prague today. And the oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren is coming soon. She is playing the part of the grandmother in the movie, who is recounting to her grandson what she has been through during WWII. This storyline connects the movie with the blockbuster Wonder from 2017.

We wish the movie White Bird: A Wonder Story an equal success and we rejoice that Czech fimmakers are earning praise on its film set and live up to their reputation.