5. June 2012

Alternativní text obrázku
The video for Kanye West’s new single No Church in the Wild, shot in Prague, is now on line. You can see the video here.
West filmed the video on exterior locations in the heart of the Czech capital at the end of April. Shot predominantly at night, the production required the closing of several streets, including Legionnaires Bridge (most Legií). The video is directed by Romain Gavras, son of Costa-Gavras and an avowed lover of film violence of all kinds. The clip portrays a street battle between protestors and police. Ironically, much of the action takes place near the spot on Národní třída where police confronted student demonstrators on November 17, 1989, sparking the protests that led to the peaceful Velvet Revolution and the collapse of communism in Czechoslovakia. The video was West’s second shot in Prague, after the video for his song Runaway in 2010. West reportedly loves the Czech capital and enjoys working here. The final video for No Church in the Wild was released May 29. Production service was handled by Unit+Sofa.The song is the first track on the Watch The Throne album by West and Jay-Z.