29. August 2005

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The US studio horror film Hostel (Sony Screen Gems) by director Eli Roth filmed in the Czech Republic in spring 2005 will have its international premiere in Toronto, in the Canadian festival’s Midnight Madness section. International Production Company was in charge of production for the Czech side. Established in 2003, IPC finds profound meaning in what it has been able to accomplish in the Czech Republic… however, it takes the most pride in the Czech crews and film community, which it believes are the best in the world. It has been the dream of founders Daniel Frisch and Philip Waley to demonstrate to international filmmakers that you do not have to go beyond the borders of the Czech Republic to produce your film.  IPC proved this in their latest production, Hostel a US studio film expecting a major theatrical release in November 2005. In the end with the exception of the makeup effects, the entire crew was hired locally. In a day and age when “getting expensive” are catch phrases among filmmakers, IPC is determined to prove them wrong when it comes to the Czech Republic.  Known for their bigger productions, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Running Scared, The Pink Panther, IPC believes there is a word that is most important in terms of cost, value. Having worked in numerous cities and countries, Frisch is convinced that there is no greater value than what you can expect to find in the Czech Republic - Hostel is their perfect example. Hostel filmed one week in Cesky Krumlov, had major set builds, filmed in over 50 locations and had two units filming over a 7 week period - all on a budget that is less than what people would expect from Romania or Bulgaria.  The film’s director, Eli Roth and close friend Quentin Tarantino feel the picture looks like 5 times the amount spent and Sony Screen Gems is amazed by the production value.  The film’s venerable editor, George Folsey Jr., said it was one of the best productions he has experienced in his 40 year career.