3. June 2024

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Location Tour of East Bohemia: the 1960s, Functionalism, Baroque, and the Gingerbread House in the Pardubice Region

In cooperation with the East Bohemia Film Office, we introduced our group of filmmakers to several primarily civilian locations from various areas of everyday life from various periods during the tour on March 5 and 6, 2024. Location managers, directors, and producers expanded their knowledge of locations in the Pardubice Region to include a family farm, a house of culture, an old Bohemian log cabin, a 16th-century brewery, and a Functionalist hall. 


"For me, the location tour was definitely beneficial. I already have a long-time client in mind for some of the locations for filming and photography. The other places are in my head and in my photographs, and in the future the right project, film or photo shoot, or event might come along," said producer Šárka Tomanová. 

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Momento Pardubice

Extensive underground spaces are concealed within the newly reconstructed post-war Functionalist building owned by the Railway Administration directly at the Pardubice main station. The Sirius Hall, formerly a cinema, is equipped with projection technology and is adjacent to the cafeteria and cloakroom. There is also a canteen for railway employees, several empty rooms with tiled floors, and a series of long corridors lined with cables.

Hotel Zlatá Štika (Golden Pike)

This seemingly inconspicuous hotel near the centre of Pardubice has a café, a beer hall, a wine cellar, a congress hall, and several lounges. It was built by reconstructing the original pub in 1917 and in 1939-40 it was extended with additional premises. In addition to accommodation in standard rooms that sleep one to five people, it also offers a 75 m2 presidential suite. 

Road Café Bar 

The American-style bar is lined and furnished with artifacts reminiscent of America — signs, car license plates, and neon signs, as well as two cut-off American car fronts and gas pumps. 

Uhersko Farm 

The early Baroque farmhouse, over 400 years old, is managed by a family that has owned it since 1904. They farm 120 hectares of land and raise livestock. The farm buildings surround a square yard, in the centre of which is a well with a shingled roof and several outbuildings. There is a residential building with an arcade, a tavern, a barn for storing hay, and pigsties. The complex includes several apartments furnished with original historical objects from the farm. 

Old Bohemian Museum in Trusnov 

Two completely furnished rooms—a room with wooden beds, a cradle, and almirahs and a living room with a stone-lined stove, a carved table and chairs, and a wheelbarrow — provide a glimpse into historical rural life. There is also an extensive collection of period artifacts, tools for traditional crafts, and musical instruments that can be rented for filming.

Holice House of Culture  

Built in socialist realist style, the House of Culture was designed by architect Štefan Imrich in the 1960s. From the entrance hall with a gallery supported by columns, you enter the theatre hall with a balcony, which has a capacity of 340 seats and is equipped with projection technology. On the ground floor there are also exhibition spaces and a smaller theatre hall. In the basement there is a civil protection shelter with preserved elements of the ventilation system and a switchboard.

Hunting Lodge - Ráby Gingerbread Cottage  

The building from 1882 was the original model for the famous Czech Cottage from the Jubilee Exhibition of 1891. In the second half of the 20th century, the building was used alternately as a youth home and a retirement home. Since 2003, the cottage has been in the care of the Šorm family, who are working to restore it to its original form. The ground floor houses the Gingerbread Museum and the lodge interiors with murals on the 1st floor are currently used for weddings and conferences. 

Hotel Zámecká 17 

The hotel in a historic building in the centre of Pardubice was newly opened in autumn 2023. It offers modern rooms and suites. The hotel lobby features an original design dominated by metal and glass.

Košumberk pod Linduší Brewery 

The 16th-century brewery complex includes a malt house, summer cellar, brewhouse, and lagering cellars. Renovations have been underway here since 1999. On the ground floor of the main building, there is a brewhouse with a boiler and a ceremonial hall with wooden beamed ceilings and tiled floors. Under the eaves, there are eight stylishly furnished rooms and one suite. 

Chrast Pastry Shop  

In 2007, a former hat shop was converted into a pastry shop. The interiors are original, with painted walls and ceilings and wooden floors. Smaller salons adjoin the main room on both sides. 

Jonáš Historic Courtyard 

The Baroque granary in Chrast from 1740, which was destined for demolition, was saved by a private owner who turned it into a tavern with original features and period furnishings. The wooden beamed ceiling is supported by columns and the hall is dominated by a large, centrally placed fireplace. The floor is tiled in stone. In the adjacent workshop, the owner works on antique interiors. 

Hamry Tavern  

In the nearby town of Svobodné Hamry, the owner of the Chrast tavern runs a guesthouse in an original timbered building that has been used as an inn since 1613. On the first floor, completely panelled with wood, there are six stylishly furnished rooms, and on the ground floor, there's a lounge, formerly a restaurant. Across the road is a water hammer, which was first used for iron production and later for grain processing.

Mladotický Mill 

The sprawling 1,000m2 former mill estate includes three renovated buildings and the original late 19th-century mill. The former owner left several insensitive building modifications, including a neglected basement swimming pool, in one of the buildings, which was used as an accommodation facility. Two theatre halls and an outdoor amphitheatre hold cultural events.

Chateau Staré Čívice - Siesta Resort  

A country mansion with a private English park built in pseudo-Renaissance style has been transformed into a hotel resort. The interior of the hotel is surprisingly dominated by a staircase that combines glass, metal, and wood in a style reminiscent of the 1980s. There are four tennis courts, a grass volleyball court, and a pétanque court. The park also has a six-hole footgolf course and two artificial golf tees. 

Contact for filming in Pardubice region:

East Bohemia Film Office, Alena Horáková (a.horakova@vychodnicechy.info, +420 725 702 650) 

The mission of regional film offices is to attract audiovisual projects to their regions and to be a reliable source of information for Czech producers. 

One of the main tools to draw filmmakers’ attention to the region’s film-friendly locations is the location tour, which is organized for Czech film professionals, from producers and location managers to directors, writers, cinematographers, and film architects, by the regional film office in cooperation with the Czech Film Commission.  

A representative of the regional film office connects filmmakers with property managers and owners.  A location tour is often the first step towards further inspections for a specific audiovisual work in pre-production.

A photographer specializing in architecture, landscape, and location photography is present on the location tour. The resulting photographs are then used to promote the film-friendly locations by the regional film office and the Czech Film Commission for promotional activities aimed at foreign filmmakers and are actively offered when specific requests from abroad are received.