1. June 2018

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Led by the Ústí Region Film Office, a group of directors, location managers, and producers discovered the far corners of this region rich in abandoned and newly-rediscovered monuments, industrial factory complexes, and villas with original interiors and romantic gardens. The location tour took place on May 23 and 24, 2018, in cooperation with the Czech Film Commission.
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In nearby Šluknov, in the forested oasis of the Charles Valley, filmmakers discovered the former spa hotel, part of a recreation complex of solar and air spas. Since the 1950s, however, it has gradually decayed and been swallowed up by Mother Nature, and now gives the impression of a vampire's hideaway. It was purchased in 2017 by a new owner, who is working with the town of Šluknov to bring it back to its former glory. Lipová Chateau, formerly a seat of the Salm noble family and one of the most beautiful chateaus in northern Bohemia, also ended up in ruins. This Baroque monument was also fortunate enough to find a new owner, and the lower floors and the chateau park are currently undergoing renovation.

At first glance, the small town of Varnsdorf has a lot to offer, location-wise. Of particular note are the abandoned neo-Gothic Red Church (1905), one of the few preserved churches in the country built from glazed red bricks; the two-story Villa Plauert, built in Expressionist style (1925); as well as an excellent example of geometric Art Nouveau, the former Kinokavárna (Cinema Café) (1912). Dresden architect Hans Richter, who designed Villa Plauert, also drew the plans for the functionalist Palm textile factory manufacturing hall in Krásná Lípa. This three-story building, interesting in particular for its huge ribbon windows, continues to function today for industrial production, and the owner of the textile company Novia Fashion is open to working with filmmakers.

Another pleasant surprise is another industrial complex – the Krásné Březno brewery in Ústí nad Labem. It comprises a multi-story warehouse building, spacious interior spaces with high walkways, and gigantic and very chilly - both in temperature and atmosphere - underground cellars. Adjacent to the brewery is an abandoned distillery. The Ústí Region location tour made an obligatory stop in the region's capital. Filmmakers found interesting spaces with potential not only as filming locations but also as production and crew facilities, such as the Tukan rock club near the town center. Currently, the club functions as a space for occasional concerts, but it could easily be used as a base camp, costume department, make-up department, or even as an indie club film set. A studio tucked away just a couple streets from the club conceals a recording studio with the latest technology as well as a spacious live room (177 m2), a large lobby, and complete social facilities, including accommodation options. Just outside Ústí nad Labem in Předlice, location tour participants found an architecturally-rich complex - the Northern Bohemian Armature factory. The Emil Filla Gallery has made its new home here on the top floor of the main factory building under the imposing Zollinger lamella roof.  In the highly-segmented complex, filmmakers found many "undiscovered" niches filled with treasures such as old cars, display windows, and narrow aisles that look like something out of an old New York gangster film.

For more information about the locations and conditions for filming in the Ústí Region, please contact the Ústí Region Film Office: Barbora Hyšková, hyskova.b@kr-ustecky.cz, +420 778 494 321 and Helena Matuščinová, matuscinova.h@kr-ustecky.cz, +420 770 100 259.